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Tips For Keeping Your Baby Safe In The Ring Sling

By Michelle T. Thompson / September 22, 2016

Finding a suitable means of the carrier for baby is no way an easy decision for parents. Among various types of carrier available, they spend a lot of time and effort to find the one that provides maximum comfort and safety for their children. One popular option these days is the ring sling. By getting the best ring sling, a mom or dad can keep the baby close all the time; the skin-to-skin contact and communication make bonding with the baby much easier.

Overall, a ring sling is a very compact, lightweight, and affordable option for parents. It is generally considered safe but precautions are required to make sure there is no harm for the baby as mentioned in the guide below:

What Are The Risks Associated With Using A Ring Sling?

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When parents do not follow safety guidelines strictly, there can be a number of risks for babies, especially infants of 4 months or less.

The Biggest Risk Is Suffocation

Babies, in general, are not physically capable of moving their bodies out when their airways are blocked. This is what happens when the wear presses his or her body too close to a baby’s mouth and nose. It is particularly difficult for very young infants because they are not even able to control their heads. As a result, suffocation can happen. Another possible scenario is when the baby is lying in a C-shape – this curled sleeping position can lead to breathing problems.

And even if a baby is carried properly in a ring sling, the use of this means of the carrier is restricted if he or she is (1) born prematurely, (2) and/or with a low birth weight , and (3) already have trouble in breathing. It is best to consult the doctor before using a ring sling for such babies.

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Other Risks

Parents can hurt their babies if they are not careful enough in positioning and removing their babies from the ring slings. When the baby grows, he or she can be able to move a little bit and slip out from the ring sling. Obviously, it leads to the risk of falling. And even the wearer can trip and fall.

What Can You Do To Ensure Your Baby’s Safety?

Buy The Right One And Maintain It Well

The very first step you must take is to choose a safe ring sling suitable for your baby. It has to be made of a strong, durable material and has strong rings too. The ring sling must fit the baby’s size and weight properly and even fit with the wearer. It is advised to bring your baby with you when you try on the sling.

The sling will naturally suffer from wear and tear over time so make sure you pay attention to these issues and fixed them as soon as possible. Never put your baby on a ring sling that is not safe enough.

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Follow The Usage And Safety Instructions

Believing that you already know everything about using a ring sling and there is nothing to worry can lead to many risks. At the very least, you should read and follow usage instruction strictly.

Make Sure The Baby’s Airways Are Not Blocked

While a baby should be held tightly to you to avoid slumping, never let the baby’s nose and mouth be blocked by your body or the sling fabric. Make sure you can see the baby’s face all the time and check his or her breathing whenever necessary.

That way, you can immediately notice if the baby experiences any discomfort. The sling can be worn on the front, back, and hip but the preferred position is in the front where you keep your baby’s head as close to your chin as possible.

For mothers who breast-feed their babies, it is important to move the babies to their correct sleeping positions with their heads up.

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Ensure Adequate Back Support

To prevent slumping when you need to bend down, you should hold your baby and bend at the knees.


Look where you are going so that you will not trip and fall, causing potential harm to your baby. Also, make sure you shield anything that can fall or drop on your baby (be careful of hot drinks and sharp objects). In case you see bad red marks on the baby’s body, it is most probably because you do not create a deep seat for him or her. One last note: if you try everything you can with the ring sling and your baby still feel comfortable in it, the problem may not lie with the sling. Maybe your baby is hungry or the diaper is dirty so tend to that.

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There are so many things to learn when you use a ring sling. Parents love this means of the carrier but they have to take proper cautions to make sure their baby stay comfortable and safe.

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