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The note when choosing a place to sleep for babies asleep and secure

Body resistance is weak newborns. When sleeping quarters for parents of children not particularly interested in will be very harmful to a baby’s health.

Now in the market have baby swing where you can put your children sleep in it. They will have sound sleep. But to choose a firm and the best baby swing you can pay attention to some features. In this article, I will show for you.

Conditioned room to sleep

Mother know, when asleep, my body temperature will fall yet? So, if you are in the room to air conditioning lowly very sore throat, fever, resulting in diarrhea. This is especially alert for infants under 4 months of age.

Therefore, you should remember that if it is hot, she should take off your clothes and wrap the towel newborn baby sleeping off to the room with normal temperature and fan. But absolutely not to fan blowing directly into people paddy baby during sleep because it can cause your child to be promoted breath, difficulty breathing.

If The weather is too hot, the children are in the air-conditioned room temperature difference of more than 7 degrees C compared to outdoor temperature whiff and limited to children come out, if the baby out much more prone to thermal shock. Also consider using a humidifier to add protection for the respiratory tract.

  • Sleeping in baby swing

Since long time ago, very young children or placed in a hammock to lull. Especially for women, to take my daughter has just swaying hammock to sleep.

Located buffer: Located buffer solution is said to be the safest for the baby to go into deep sleep. Cushions provide comfortable feeling not harmful to the spine as well supporting hammock and are stuck back, soreness like bed.

Should choose suitable mattress for the baby. If the buffer is too soft will affect the baby’s spine, even if the buffer is too hard, it will not make your baby feel comfortable, it is difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

  • Sleep projector

Some mats made from bamboo, wood … can be very good support for helping children in the summer heat.


However would be a “disaster” if the streaks of water or baby porridge welded without mother cleaned. The site is very easy to create bacteria that affect the baby’s skin.

After purchasing a new projector or blinds on infant lying there must carefully cleaning chemical to be flying the workers used to produce mats that. That may be dyes or piece of curtain humus. If the child’s exposed skin very rash, itching, burning. Similarly, if your baby to vomit or pee is not well cleaned or replaced to other units.

Mom can also line some old paper or diapers at the bottom, where the child is to prevent children wetting the projector more.

Not under the floor mat for baby to sleep. Moisture from the ground can provoke chills lead to diseases such as pneumonia, asthma, and diarrhea.

With this kind of pine baby swing design a mother can rest assured the choice for their child, cradle design clean, classy and very versatile because various additional features such as automatic take, can turn into a crib for the baby growing.

One choice is equally attractive than iron or steel swing that can move easily, but fewer features than wood cribs and non-permanent look, certainly with wooden crib. So this decision for their children purchase a suitable cradle is not easy for parents.

Select a baby crib with criteria you should pay attention to remember and then buy it for your children.

  • The safety of the baby swing to make sure children’s phones

This is very important criterion in the choice of crib, cradle sure can we be assured to put the lie.

Vibrating rhythm, the valley is also an important factor. According to the scientists put vibration amplitude of electric cradle is not too big, not as fast or powerful speed to avoid children having “shaking syndrome” in infants.

Part nets and mattresses around the baby crib necessarily appropriate, while ensuring coverage for all types of insects cradle especially mosquitoes do not affect children’s sleep.