How To Use The Paint Sprayer Properly

In the construction field, the good choice of the paint sprayer will save the cost, reduce the time to work. Besides, the proper use of paint sprayer tools is also indispensable issues. Through the airless paint sprayer reviews, the author hopes the users to use the machine properly and increase the longevity of this item. 


When selecting spray equipment, you should choose the suitable paint sprayer with the fixed. Pay attention to the flow of the paint (capacity) and spray range (the spread rags fan).

– As solvent viscosity determined within about 15 seconds: The user can choose the paint spray, which has a low viscosity, and from 0.8-1.5m for the vents.

– If the solvent viscosity determined within about 15, the vents range from 1.3 to 2.0mm.

– If the solvent viscosity determined within about 25-30 seconds: You can use the paint spray with high adhesiveness, the vents are about 2.0 -2.5mm.


Depending on the type of paint spray equipment and the object to be painted, the users can choose different types of paint sprayer. When choosing the paint tools, you need to pay attention to the viscosity, electrical conductivity, in case of electrostatic paint spray tools.

Manipulation instructions:

When performing the paint sprayer, you should pay attention to the painting gap because if the distance is too close or too far, it will affect the quality of spraying and the adhesion of the paint to the surface. It takes for granted that a device will much affect a lot of your work, so need to use the best equipment with the standard quality, suppliers and the prestigious brand.


Currently, the airless paint spray is used a lot in industries such as construction, furniture, motorcycles, and cars, so first you need to determine your field use.


Paint has the viscosity, so you need to know whether your paint spray machine really suits the viscosity of the paint you choose or not. You should choose the type of versatile paint machine, which also reduces the difficulties for you when using.

In particular, the paint gun is a very important equipment of airless spray. Without the airless spray gun, the machine will not work. You should also note that when finishing painting, take into consideration in the hygiene of the spray guns, which should be careful to use the next time to make sure the spray gun is not blocked. In addition, the paint guns are also many kinds, so depending on the intended use, the user needs to be able to decide to buy any kind of spray paint. For example, to spray paint your device, depending scaffolding paint you are diluting the solution, select the type of good paint gun to give fineness and the beauty of the surface.


Currently, on the market there are many types of airless spray as China, Taiwan. Depending your costs and budget, you can be able to have a machine that suits you.


Paint spraying machines: There are a great many people often missing the mentally kind of airless spray with the manufacturer. But the fact is not like that. The paint spraying machine running by the electric motor, gasoline-powered machines, engines, etc.

The output volume: Each paint sprayer is designed with different parameters, so depending on your level of work to select the right volume of the machine.

The painting pressure: Depending on the task, you can complete fairly to have an easy choice.

One thing worth mentioning is that the airless spray application is so much in life, so choose the best type of paint sprayer on the market today to be able to own a paint sprayer like the truth. At the same time, this is also useful for your work. The author can give you some tips. For example, before purchasing the paint prayer, you should learn about the manufacturers as well as the wanted use. Form that, you can be consulted in terms of the functions and the benefits of each paint sprayer from Taiwan or Japan and other differently cheap paint sprayer.