Choosing Electric Dog Clipper

Those who love to raise dog as a pet always want to purchase the best dog clippers to trim his hair. Actually, there are two common type of electric clipper for dogs, which are available in the market such as plug-in style and rechargeable ones.

How To Choose A Good Dog Clipper

The feature of the clipper for a dog much depend on your pet and the kind of grooming that you are doing. You can make use of some useful hints as below for a smart selection.

  • If you are using the clipper to neaten up the feet of the dog or clean up the stray hair, you just need to purchase a set of inexpensive clipper for home use which will provide you not many functions.

  • If you would like to maintain the appearance of your dog with the nice show coat, you should search for a medium-priced clipper which will help you to utilize a lot of blades depending on the need of your dog.
  • If you would like to trim and style your dog, you should find for a professional-style clipper with the different speed and a lot of blades so that you can freely style your dog. You can make a purchase of the clipper with or without a cord. However, if you make use of the cordless clipper, you can run out of the battery power when working. Therefore, you should make a selection based on your speed, type of job and type of clipper.

There are some different producers who are much specializing in producing clipper for dogs such as Andis, Oster, Conair and Wahl and some other famous brands. Among these manufacturers, Oster is regarded as the leader in producing clipper and most of the clipper blades in the market now can fit with the Oster clipper though they are made from the different manufacturers.

One note that you should put into consideration when working with the clipper without the lubricating oil is that you should make sure to pick up some oil to make sure that the clipper blades can be well lubricated when working.

Most of the clippers often come with several types of blades; however, you need to equip the machine with some other blades. This much depends on the type of clipping that you are doing. However, the blades need to be fitted with the clipper to make sure the highest effectiveness of the working performance.


Some Common Models Of Dog Clipper

Andis 2730

This clipper is one of the best-selling trimmers in the market because it is the most professional device. It can be used for all types of dogs from the small ones to the big ones. It can handle with the matted and straight types.

The device can be mostly used for trimming in the sensitive areas that can make your dog jump. This clipper is very quiet and they care very soothing.

The two speed motor will give you a chance to well control the speed when trimming. The anti-slip housing will help you to be more confident when you are working with this machine.

The only drawback of this machine may be that the square design and the size of this clipper can cause difficulty for those who have small hands. However, it is still the best product that you should take into consideration.


Andis Power Groom

This product will bring you a lot of benefit. You can have a chance to enjoy the professional clipping for your dog with the high effectiveness. The Power Groom is much suitable for the medium and small dogs. It is equipped with a motor that can spin at 4500 revolutions, which is 15 percent faster. Though it has the high speed, it can also provide the quiet operation.

However, you have to pick of the blades separately; therefore it can cost you a considerable amount of money.

As a dog raiser, I always want to bring the best experience for my dog and provide the comfortable environment for him to grow up. I hope that my sharing above will partly help you when taking care of the beloved dog.