When it comes to woodworking or material outsourcing, we cannot omit the great functions of a drill press. The workers often feel bewildered in choosing to buy such a tool on the grounds that they have to care about too many issues, including the quality and durability, the brand, the price and some specifications related to the capacity. Even though you buy a small drill press you have to consider all these factors. That sounds very serious and it may take time but in fact, it seems to be very simple. In this article, I will help you clarify some considerations mentioned above.

  1. The quality and durability

All of us expect to possess a drill press of high quality but just some know how to choose. About the quality and durability, there are a lot of factors that we need to take into account. These are some notes for you to know whether the drill press is good enough or not.

  • The drill press should have a firm column to keep it stable in the place you locate it. Test the material of the column before you buy it.
  • There should have 3 manual crank handles.
  • The table should be round for metal drilling and rectangular for wood drilling.
  • It should be easy to adjust the table height (raise and lower the table).
  • The base should be bolted to the floor.
  • The motor should be strong in order to strengthen the capacity of the drill press.

These are some notes for you to check to know how good the quality and the durability of a drill press. You will be able to assess this product in front of the seller.

  1. The brand

In terms of choosing mechanical machines and tools, choosing the brands is very important. As usual, the fame of the brands will reflect the quality and the price of the drill press. Therefore, you can depend on your knowledge about some brands for this kind of product to choose.

Fore examples, the Bosch, Delta, Craftsman and so one are the most popular brands for drill press.  If you buy the original products of those brands, you will never have to worry about the short durability or the troubles that may happen with the drill press. The explanation is that the products of these brands are made and preserved carefully until they are sold and delivered.

Therefore, try to find a good brand to buy this machine. If you do not have too much money to buy a drill press, it is good to choose the medium brand. The quality is still insured.

  1. Specifications related to capacity

The capacity of a drill press is mainly depends on the motor. The motor of this machine is often located in the place that receives fewer bad impacts of the outside factors, the weather conditions for instance.

Looking at this matter in more details, we can realize that if the motor is stronger, the capacity will be higher. However, it does not mean that you always have to choose a drill press with high capacity.

The capacity you need is subject to your demands. If you only need to buy a drill press for repairing some household furniture that has simple structure, the capacity does not need to be too high.

The electric energy is also a factor relevant to the capacity of the drill press. In terms of the types of AV adaptor, you can choose the cordless drill or cord drill. It depends on the characteristics of your work and your requirements, too.

  1. The aftersales services

The aftersales services are really significant when you choose to buy such a product. The period of warranty, the warranty center and the terms of warranty will determine what you will receive free of charge and what you will have to pay in case you bring your drill press to repair.

In conclusion, to choose a good drill press for our work, we are obliged to spend time to gather information related and some reviews about the model we choose. This post may provide the information you need. I will provide you with more information our next articles.